quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2016

Applying for Toptal

I have been working as a full stack web developer for the last 6 years and during this time I was luck enough to get involved with multiple projects from small-to-large-scale applications using various Java technologies for the server side and some of the usual front end nuances on the client side.
This hands on programming experience has been something really positive for me, because I ended up getting very comfortable with the two sides of the same coin, talking about coding.

Though, I have been working as a web developer for many years, the real motivation behind my story as a programmer, which pretty much led me to start my BSc in Computer Science, was my curiosity and passion for start making video games some day. This love, was what made me start reading quite heavy programming books during my daily 3h trip from home to the university, every single day, during slightly more than 6 months without a pause.
After the first semester I was already comfortable with C++ and Java, which made me start looking for ways to handle graphics, which ended up leading me to Unity 3D.
However, I was getting disappointed for not finding some entry level gaming positions here in Brazil, actually, I could barely find game companies around. So, that was when I started looking for a way to improving my new skills on game programming as well as start working with games effectively. That was how I've met some of the leading online freelance platforms, like oDesk (Upwork, nowadays), Elance and a smaller one called Workana.

Nowadays, after some years and also after receiving a Top Rated badge from upwork.com in regards to my commitment to deadlines and attention to details on my last gaming projects, I still find myself struggling to find a decent opportunities within that platform. I'm really sick and tired of working full time for the most brazilian companies, as well as I'm looking forward to stop traveling from home to work everyday, facing the hard traffic of the city of Rio de Janeiro, not to mention the exposition to violence.

Recently, a friend of mine has introduced me to Toptal.com and when I had the chance to finally check the platform and the intrinsic proposal presented in the website, I've got really excited, because the main idea is really awesome. Toptal is the only one on it's category with such a high level of seriousness within. There are some really strict criterias that serves as an outstanding filter, making sure they're selecting only the best developers out there. As mentioned in the platform, less than 3% of thousands of new applicants are finally selected, so this is something significant, because employers around the world will be sure to spending their money with talented professionals.

I'm right now only few days from my interview and I just can't wait to do my best to get in to this splendid community, full of new opportunities and real challenges for compromised and hard working developers.

I just can't wait to become a "Toptaller" by joining the Toptal app engineers network.